SMS/Text Bookings

Welcome to the City Cabs SMS Booking system.

New Users

Please fill out your information below to set up a new account.  You will be asked for a list of keywords (must be a single word and not a number) and linked addresses before being sent a verification email to confirm that your account has been set up.

Existing Users

If you have already registered, simply enter your email address and telephone number.  We'll use both these to find a match on our system.  You will be asked to verify your account using the PIN code we initially emailed you when your account was activated. 

Your Details


After Registering or Updating

After you have saved your details (either as a new or existing user) we will send you an email to confirm that your new keywords & associated addresses have been added to our system and are ready to use.

Please DO NOT book a taxi by SMS using your NEW keywords until you receive this notification.  (We aim to have all accounts updated within 24 hours)

How to Book

If you have your SMS account setup and have received a confirmation email - text 'citycabs' to 64446 followed by your address keyword to order a taxi.  Some examples are shown below.

citycabs home        (keyword 'home')
citycabs work         (keyword 'work')
citycabs school      (keyword 'school')

Updating your information

When you register you will recieve a unique 4 digit PIN code via email.  Please keep this safe.  You can use it to amend your keyword/address list again in future.  Your account is related to both your email address and mobile number, so you will need to re-enter these exactly as before to locate your keywords.  If your mobile number changes, enter your old number and update your details accordingly.  

Please note that when you update your information online the new keywords/addresses will not be immediately available for use.  You will have to wait for our confirmation email informing you the new information has been added to our system.  

Terms of Use

Only text 64446 when you are looking to book a taxi and have been pre-registered with City Cabs for the text-booking service, no other text messages will be reviewed or answered on this number.

Ways to get in touch

Opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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